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Our Mission

Our job is to help clients make decisions about what to do, or not do.

Brand is how every aspect of your business is delivered. A brand is a promise to change something in people’s lives, the story through which people understand why you exist, and most importantly - a navigational system. Brands should exist to help people make better choices, more easily, for themselves and for this world. Clear beliefs and continuous reinvention are what allow you to do that.


Our team is tiny, but truly global.

"Our core team spans seven nationalities and ten languages. We’ve also built a network of trusted partners around the world, giving us nuance and depth in each region. Whether you want to do retail research in the Philippines, positioning in India, semiotics in Paris, or get Aussie reactions to brand tone of voice, we’ve got you covered wherever you’re growing or planning on going."


Embedding the strategy is part of our process.

You never just get a deck from us - bringing solutions into practice is a process, whether that looks like a living model, iterative research program, or a new brand book that all teams will start to use as a north star. We’ve sat at the pitch table, advised on briefs and campaign planning, helped find local partners, and occasionally partner with boutique creative studios to take on full-service projects.


Part of the 0.1% of strategy companies run by women.

We’re driving the change, and bringing empathy and lateral thinking to a traditionally masculine and linear discipline.


Balance, babies and conceptual blending

We grew up as our team members families grew! Inherently, our ways of working are built around life, not the other way around. We also believe the more you do OUTSIDE of “work”, the more neurons fire within. So whether it’s bouldering, boat reconstructions or building and running a communal daycare on your Fridays, bring it on.

Our Team

Meet the Humans of Phoenix

profile of Amy Brown

Amy Brown

Founder & Lead Strategist

Phoenix’s Builder-in-Chief and resident mom-preneur, Amy has 15+ years in global brand and business strategy, and will never NOT be fascinated by why people do what they do! She thrives off Amsterdam’s 192 languages, hustle energy, start-up vibes, so many subcultures, and of course, the flower scene.

profile of Katie Melkonian

Katie Melkonian

Assoc. Strategy Director

A New York native that thrives at the intersection of brand, data and innovation, Katie has run workshops and projects all over the world from vertical farming startups to global FMCG brands (and lots in between). Find her logging pre-dawn miles along Amterdam’s canals, or on her Yoga mat!

profile of Beach Bagenal

Beach Bagenal

Strategic Design Director

Beach’s background as a consultant, depth in Digital Design and interest in researching and creating only the things truly worth creating make him our resident Product, Experience & Service design expert. He is capable of the most speculative zooming out, and the most-laser-focused zooming in.

profile of Claudia Breseghello

Claudia Breseghello

Junior Strategist

Born in the home of Ferrari & F1, educated in Behavioral Economics and a jazz singer on the side, Claudia can convince with flair and go deep on how to cope with humans’ bounded rationality. The question that started her career? How do people enter a supermarket and choose among all those options?”

profile of Margo Vasilev

Margo Vasilev

Research & Innovation Analyst

With a Masters in Global Business & Sustainability and a background as an innovation analyst, Margo loves process, his favorite language is mathematics (followed by biohacking, and all things automotive, respectively) and he seeks maximum efficiency in everything. Ask him for tips on his hometown, Sofia, or about his side hustles!

profile of Yasmien Kari

Yasmien Kari

Strategy Intern

Meet Yasmien, proudly Dutch and of Moroccan heritage, currently studying International Business Administration at Erasmus University and embracing everything we send her way! Never short of opinions, Yasmien is always busy soaking up new ideas from podcasts, books and wandering art museums.

profile of Nooran Zafarmand

Nooran Zafarmand

Strategy Intern

Iranian-born, raised in Japan by Industrial design professors, and now Rotterdam-based, Nooran is keenly interested in UX, working on her bachelors project on impulse buyers, serves as our resident plant guru, and is an enthusiastic chronicler of what’s happening on the global travel and health tech scene.Nooran Zafarmand

profile of Kacey Cooper

Kacey Cooper

Strategy Intern

A third East-Coast native, Kacey rounds out Phoenix’s American contingency as a Cognitive Studies & Communications student at Washington & Lee University. We’re fascinated by her application of insights & experience observing in the child development lab to our office culture and projects!

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