Launching Noom Med

Designing a new product offering to help people navigate their health journey with the support of weight loss medication

UX/UI research, models and CX mapping to shape product strategy

Product research for new market expansion & optimization

Audience Understanding & Segmentation

Helping biology meet psychology: Behavior change in the Ozempic Era

The Challenge

We did extensive design research and provided insights to help the Noom team iterate on what the beta version of Noom Med should look like.

GLP-1s turned the weight loss industry upside down in a matter of months.
The catch for many? As soon as someone stops taking these medications, you gain the weight back.

Enter Noom Med, an approach combining clinical supervision, prescription drugs and the Noom behavior change curriculum.

The Approach

We used a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how people were experiencing the beta journey, identifying key barriers and points that could be optimized, and reimagining what Noom Med 3.0 looked like.

Different Motivations

Some simply viewed these drugs as a way to "get the ball rolling" on a weight loss journey that had proven tricky to start, but NOT a long term solution, and many wanted the confidence to understand that transition.

We identified different audiences along with drivers and barriers in the sign up flow: who was looking for long term change, and who wanted a quick fix? The journey and messaging needed to take care to facilitate access for those looking, but avoid perceptions of “pushing” medication for those who didn’t want or need it.

Managing Multiple Care Roles

Lack of clarity on process and roles emerged as a pain point, cancellation drive, and major area to optimize.

We helped the team understand how and where to clarify roles and educate people around how communications would work with both the Clinician and the Care Team. These optimizations drove confidence in moving ahead.

Helping the Team Focus

Through a series of user stories, we illustrated what Noom Med needed to accomplish for different users, and how they would benefit from key changes.

Maps highlighted which current and potential features would pack the most punch overall, for the most people, and helped the team create a roadmap through the subsequent iterations of the product.


Noom Med launched successfully, with so much interest that the program had to limit sign-ups as it scaled.

"Partnering with the Phoenix team helped set our team up for success for many months. The whole team was easy to work with and picked up on our complex use cases quickly and with an impressive amount of detail. The insights they produced helped us feel more confident in our decision making and uncovered details about our users that we hadn’t know before. We’re excited to continue utilizing their expertise!"

- Katie Beale

Senior Product Designer, Noom

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