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Internal Engagement Program design & roll-out plan

Could we make genetic testing feel relevant and necessary to the average consumer?

The Challenge

Myriad Genetics, one of the first genomics companies in history and the biggest genetic testing company in the USA, has been the innovative force behind a range of oncology breakthroughs from the discovery of the BRCA genes to early diagnostics for prostate cancer.

Yet, they were largely unknown to the American consumer market - a place where people here genetic testing and think “”.

To complicate the problem further, healthcare providers in the USA are still less likely to prescribe genetic testing than they should do, as consumers have to take it upon themselves to go and do it.

Could we get people and providers to see that genetic insights should be part of any conversation at a major health milestone, from family planning to discussing cancer treatment options?

The Approach

At the crux of the issue is the fact that Myriad is a sales-driven organization. How will people and providers believe this, if the people selling it don’t? We needed to create a powerful new way of thinking about the brand, bring everyone on board internally, and then roll-out a public campaign.

We wrote a creative brief for the team working on a new brand anthem video and campaign, highlighting the power of genetic insights to improve quality of life and paths available to people going forward.

Then, we embarked on designing a six point Internal Engagement Program.

The Internal Engagement Program needed to be simple and sticky, but cover all the bases to truly get everyone to believe.

We created a model around the 6Ps - covering everything from brand artifacts to inspire Pride, to Pledge elements internally to start changing behavior around testing uptake internally, to even a full set of Policy changes - including new options for paid time off to go and get testing procedures done.

The Result

The final P, of course, was a playbook. We also designed a full roll-out program for the organization to roll the new brand out to its thousands of employees around the world, helping kick-start the new campaign.


Creative Agency: Shion Studio

The Phoenix team has been both valuable and a pleasure to partner with. Their research has provided thorough insights into user problems and needs, helping shape our product strategy and prioritization

- Rosie

PM, Noom, Inc.

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