Developing Brand Strategy in a crisis

Helping brands navigate Covid-19 and find the opportunities to reinvent

Could a framework exist to help navigate a crisis?

The challenge

Many decisions (and unfortunately, a lot of advice) for what to say in a crisis are very brand-out. A crisis is an opportunity to pivot and reinvent how you can be of service to the people you make or do things for. We wanted to provide tools that could enable people to think positively about this.

The approach

Based on 3 simple rules, we created a framework for how to figure out what to do and say that broke the pandemic into four phases, examined the context, and identified people’s emotional and rational needs.

A deep dive by phase looks at the real opportunity, strategies and tactics to get there, along with plenty of real-world examples. The presentation and framework can be downloaded as a PDF, including a list of resources, brainstorm questions and thought starters.

The outcome

Creating this framework and gallery helped us develop a series of live workshops and sessions designed to help our clients and prospects apply the framework.

The Phoenix team has been both valuable and a pleasure to partner with. Their research has provided thorough insights into user problems and needs, helping shape our product strategy and prioritization

- Rosie

PM, Noom, Inc.

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