From one laptop to a premium range for creators

Launching the all new YOGA ecosystem in 2023

Brand Positioning, Architecture & Naming

Audience Understanding & Segmentation

Product research for new market expansion & optimization

Comms Architecture & Key Messaging

Creative Strategy

Digital, Social, Content & Influencer strategy

Building unique appeal for each product, with use cases from digital street art to hi-fi virtual people.

The Challenge

Lenovo launched the YOGA Slim laptop in 2020 as an "all-rounder" in the high-end windows market, successfully cementing the brand as great for people with many hobbies.

The new YOGA range, however, was more powerful than an all-rounder. It was built specifically for Gen Z creators. The current message didn't appeal to specialists looking for a performance laptop suited for their specific talents.

Several key questions loomed: How to create a new brand message driving appeal among Gen Z creators? How to go from a single product proposition to a range, with three distinct products and distinct use-cases - the opposite from ‘all-rounders’?

In partnership with SuperHeroes creative agency, Lenovo engaged us to figure this out.

The Approach

We started with rethinking how Lenovo was defining creativity, and shifting the platform to speak more to Gen Z creators. Then we tackled messaging to build out distinct "swim lanes".

The range needed distinct roles for different types of Gen Z creators in order to stand out. Through a mix of digital ethnography and quant validation, we built a set of audience personas from the outgoing, Maximalist-oriented creator who needs to be on the go, to the Purist pursuers of technical craft.

Each product strategy was set in a distinct cultural space, based on real needs, and playing up the most relevant features.

Your Life IS the Creative Product

During research, what emerged was that Gen Z creativity is different - it’s wide-ranging and concerned with process over glossy end product. Creativity is also everything you do, whether it’s building a Depop shop, filling a political rally with K-Pop stans, or taking on Wall Street.

We created a brand platform shifting the definition of creativity from outputs to process - and everything you do - and howing creators that this is a product line built for them.

Pairing Products & Cultural Spaces

We built a new messaging architecture that would not just communicate a new portfolio for creators, but establish the three distinct products and who they were best suited for.

We built a framework for identifying the right partnerships and spaces for each product to play in, and launched a series of campaigns to introduce each one to the market.

Unleashing Product Strengths

Each product messaging strategy leaned into spaces that would benefit from its unique features. This strategy also shaped how the YOGA team would work with influencers.

The Yoga Book, with its dual screens and all-in-one functionality on the go, lets VFX pros turn anything into content, anywhere, while the rendering capabilities of the Pro let loose a whole genre of digital street artists in urban spaces around the country.


The Yoga work in 2023 drove significant value for the brand, driving up overall revenue, search interest and site traffic, as well as brand metrics.


Creative Agency (Execution & Creative): Superheroes NYC

The Phoenix team has been both valuable and a pleasure to partner with. Their research has provided thorough insights into user problems and needs, helping shape our product strategy and prioritization

- Rosie

PM, Noom, Inc.

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