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The majority of self-development knowledge, while beautifully packaged, is still just one way. What if you have questions?

The Challenge

When you attend a great conference or keynote, you often learn more from the Q&A part than the presentation itself.  And you always learn from others’ questions.

What if there was a place to help you navigate through the clutter and get the reliable answers/advice you are looking for?

…A place that was like a private TikTok of professional wisdom, powered by the best questions out there?

The "How"

The AQ team engaged us to help validate the white space and figure out a unique way to position AnyQuestion that would help set it apart.

What was interesting to us was the core idea that great questions create the conversations where real growth happens. While you can ask questions and have conversations and learn from others on social, expert credibility is rarely guaranteed.

Unlike other platforms, where knowledge is transferred 1:1, all AnyQuestion members can see the body of questions and answers, with tools designed to easily build upon or share conversations. Every time a good question gets asked, more than just the person who asked benefits - everybody grows. We mapped the space and saw was an opportunity to lean into the direct access (via a membership model) and the unique co-creation aspect.

Working with the founding team directly, we developed fundamentals for the brand, from articulating the mission, vision and values alongside the whitespace mapping, to developing key messaging. We also looked at how brand value could turn into living brand behaviors and helped with narratives and high-level narratives for key social channels and app store pages - to help the beta launch get off the ground on all fronts!

We helped the team with a draft launch and digital strategy, creating a simple video to introduce the app across social that would give a flavor for the experience, a feel for what it’s like to get up close and personal advice from experts and how easy it is to learn from others’ questions.

The Result

AnyQuestion launched in January 2022 with two verticals - mountain biking and swimming - and has since exploded into 30+ categories, with almost 1,000 experts answering over 50,000 questions to date.  We continued to work with the team over the course of the app’s first 6 months to launch social channels and build out a robust content strategy that would allow people to get a taste and see why they should sign up.

The Phoenix team has been both valuable and a pleasure to partner with. Their research has provided thorough insights into user problems and needs, helping shape our product strategy and prioritization

- Rosie

PM, Noom, Inc.

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