Launching the all-new Yoga Book 9i

Unveiling a new-to-the-category proposition that jumps past definitions of convertibles.

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The “convertibles” category has always been seen as a trade-off between convenience and performance:  “Real” creators weren’t likely to choose one.

The Challenge

Previously, creators weren’t likely to consider a convertible for seriously productive creative work, as the conveniences offered came at the expense of performance.

However, with two screens and a range of possible configurations, the all new Yoga Book 9i was a game changer.

The Yoga Book 9i launched to the world at CES 2023. We had to prove that this could be the ultimate laptop for creators on the go. During testing, what shocked people was that you no longer need to be tethered to a desktop set-up to get maximum productivity, reliant on airplay and software you can’t push to the max. In order to do so, we had to understand their approach to technology in terms of boosting productivity, and what was seen as an obstacle to their creative freedom.

The Approach

We used a qual and quant hybrid approach and identified the specific niche we wanted to connect to: extroverted creators who turn impulse into art anywhere, anytime. They detest feeling like they have to be chained to their desktop set-up to really get maximum productivity, and wish they weren’t constantly dealing with airdrop and multiple ports and docs to move between devices.

We found that the new dual screen convertible literally IS the new all-in-one: The combination of dual screen productivity and portability are an unheard of USP for creators who like to be on the go.

For this audience of creators, we needed to go behind the scenes and not only show the device, but almost “myth bust” the traditionally-seen limits of convertibles to show specific use cases of what was not possible.

Based on research, we developed targeted messaging that would resonate with this audience and with their idea of creativity and their approach to productivity. Finally, we looked for the types of influencers and communities that aligned with our audience and could best transmit the new messaging.

We partnered with creators like jessechrisss, emilesam and justjoshingVFX to create and deconstruct some unreal edits, showing that the Yogabook 9i, with its dual screens, multi-modality, and a premium power package, IS the new all-in-one, with the ability to make the most of your inspiration, anywhere

The Result

Creator content on the Yogabook 9i drove 41mm impressions, reached 18mm+ & boosted search and metrics for weeks following, creating equity to build the conversation on for the rest of the year.


Creative Agency: Superheroes NYC

The Phoenix team has been both valuable and a pleasure to partner with. Their research has provided thorough insights into user problems and needs, helping shape our product strategy and prioritization

- Rosie

PM, Noom, Inc.

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